Londero carries on the tradition of wooden toys; classical games such as skittles, bocce and croquet are available in various dimensions , in economic or superior version.

Londero provides original products which can be personalized, and which are addressed both to children and to adults; moreover, we also provide put-together puzzles and building block sets for toddlers and infants.

Dating back to 7,000 B.C. , this game has changed during the years becoming the current Italian game, which has been spread throughout the world by emigrants.

This is a game for people of all ages; it helps develop the strength of arms and legs, as well as the flexibility of the spinal column. It requires precise, coordinate and elegant movements. It is a game both for meeting and fair competition.

The Londero bocce are made of resin or wood agglomerate, and are unique for their quality. In every pack you can find a jack as well as the instruction book containing the game rules.

There are several available packs:
- lithographed carton box
- lithographed plastic case
- polybag

Croquet is an evolution of the 14th Century sport of paille-maille, from which also derived skittles and golf. During the centuries, croquet achieved a great success in France, Ireland and finally in the UK, where were codified  all the rules still in use. You can play croquet alone or in group; strategy and tactic are the key to win. The firm Londero offers two product categories depending on the skill and experience of the players: Semi professional and Family game.

Other games.
Londero offers traditional popular games based on strategy and ability, suitable for every moment of amusement and socialization; our range of products goes from skittles to the ring toss, from the pétanque to the Olympic rings.

A similar version of this sport used to be played  in the Ancient Egypt between the 3rd and the 4th millennium b.C. and, afterwards, in Germany; here around the 14th century skittles players used to play on the smooth floors of the Churches.

Baseball bats
The origin of a sport similar to baseball can be found in some ancient French manuscripts which date back to the late 14th Century; nevertheless the sport of baseball we know was created in Northern America during the first half of the 18th Century, as an alternative version of rounders, a game which was very popular in Ireland and in the UK.

Also known as Shangai, Mikado is an ancient game which requires skill and patience; it was invented in China.

It is a game created in Sweden which has Viking origins, and can be defined as a game between bowling and bocce. It is easy and amusing.

It is an alternative Provençal version of the sport of bocce.

This logo guarantee Londero's products. Our products are manufactured in Italy with italian workers.

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