Our way of working


The philosophy of game.

To play means to challenge our limits. To play means to learn how to improve ourselves and our contacts. To play means to grow and at the same time to discover we are still like children, ready to discover new emotions everyday.

Wood as raw material.

A single raw material is used for all our production: wood. It is a choice of quality made by Londero, which is an excellent supplier and knows this material very well, as well as  his characteristics and his properties. Thanks to the knowledge and to the skill of  our staff, the firm can assure a perfect manufacturing of wood in the production of games, toys and sport goods of great quality. The wood used for the production comes entirely from Austria and Slovenia.


The quality of Londero items. Tradition and technology between the past and the future.

The Londero firm has been uniting the handicrafts care and the technology since the late Seventies, when the firm employed the first chemist in order to improve the production cycle. In fact, the essence of Londero research is the analysis of physical and technical transformation, and nowadays the firm uses prototype machines for the realization of wooden toys and games.


Certifications Bocce sets, croquet sets and all the other games produced by the Londero firm have the CE mark, in conformity with the basic requirements for items sale and usage within the EU.




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