History a 50-Years long commitment.

It was 1963 when the skillful  carpenter Lucio Londero decided to bet on his professional future  becoming forward_looking businessman, entering the market of wooden toys and wooden sporting goods manufacturing. Giving great importance to innovation, technology and quality, Lucio Londero transformed his business into a structured organization, and in 1990 his children, Loris and Laura, joined the firm.
The success of the activity is also due to the constant presence of Mrs. Caterina Londero, who since the very beginning has been giving her contribution to the growth of the firm.

Over the years, Londero’s orders and sales have grown steadily. A great passion and the ability to diversify the production are elements which guide the firm’s activity towards internalization: Londero has become more and more famous abroad due to the quality of the products, such as the wooden bocce, whose ornamental design is patented. Nowadays Londero has a good position in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Czech Republic, where nature is taken into great consideration and wooden games are still part of the cultural traditions. Thanks to its specialization, the firm has developed its production and personalized products and orders are shipped all over the world, from Canada to the US, from Europe to Australia.  

Our values and our nature.

The Londero firm is located a few kilometers from the greatest natural lake of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, in the midst of the green conifer trees of Trasaghis, a small village near Udine at the foot of Monte Brancot. The firm reflects the landscape: all Londero toys and sporting goods are designed and produced respecting the principle of sustainability, because respect for the environment is part of the firm’s philosophy.

Made in Italy - Made in Trasaghis.

The quality of Made in Italy, the quality of handmade manufacturing: Londero toys and sporting goods manufacturing are unique in the international market for their high-quality production and attention to detail and standards. And it must be said that the production not being outsourced but done in-house means greater quality control plus, a vast knowledge in the manufacturing sector and an almost 50-years experience are some of the factors which contribute to give the items an additional value.

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